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26 / 09 / 2011

Technical works

Dear players!

At this moment,our technicians are working on transfer of all servers to a new chronicle.
Work should be done 'till morning.Don't forget to update your client and patch.Have a nice game!
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28 / 08 / 2011

High Five part 5

Dear players!
Our servers will soon be transferred to the High Five Part 5 chronicle client. List of implementing features includes the following:

Almost all HF and Freya quests; implementation is coming in accordance with the official server, as well as new ones: Land Dragon Conqueror, Seven Signs Girl of Doubt, Seven Signs Forbidden Book, Seven Signs To the Monastery of Silence, Zaken Embroidered SoulCloak, Freya Embroidered SoulCloak, Frintezza Embroidered SoulCloak , Jewel of Antharas, Olympiad Starter, Olympiad Veteran, Olympiad Undefeated.

The population of monsters in the HF, such is in locations as the LOA / DV.

Changes of SOI manager, the most complete implementation of most details which are worked out.

Reworked territory of Hellbound.
Changed items on the High Five.
Changed skills in High Five.
Olympiad changes on High Five.
E-mail system changes, address book added.
Properly functioning system Nevit's Hourglass.

And many other things, all that you can test on the test server very very soon.

We recommend you to download client soon as possible:Lineage 2: Freya High Five Part 5 Live Client [Eu Official].
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06 / 08 / 2011

Directing competition

Each person is filled with lot of hidden talent and one of them may become the director's ability.
It is you and your friends who will be able to prove to everyone who's the best!
We invite all those who want to prove themselves.

Participation is very simple: just go to a game, shoot video and upload it to the network. The movie can be about anything, but despite the fact that this is free competition, there are a few guidelines and requirements for future work:

To participate is simple: just go to a game, shoot video and upload it to the network.You can take on anything, but despite the fact that this is free competition, there are a few guidelines and requirements for future work:

- All movies must necessarily be uploaded on Youtube;
- All movies mustn't violate the rules of the portal;
- Higher quality video (420p, 720pHD, 1080pHD etc.) will increase its chances to win and it will be counted in the judging;
- Videos must be recorded on our servers, which will be the proof of a special "mark" in the upper right corner, which contains information about the name of the project,online time and ping;
- High-quality sound is taken into account when judging;(I sincerely recommend WAV)
- The content and plot has no limits: you can record everything from siege fights and gangs to horror movie about a hike in the LOA;
- The depth of artistic design and creativity will significantly take an effect on the result;
- All requests to participate must be filed in accordance with below given text;
- Acceptance of works ends 14.08.2011 after which,in short time will be named the best work.

The jury will include several representatives of the Administration .

Awards:: first place - 150 credits on the personal account, the second - 100, third - 70.
Application form:

1. Video title.
2. Creation date.
3. Link to Youtube.
4. Forum account of the author or authors of the team leader (if not, then you can ask a friend to publish the post.)
5. Gaming nickname of the author or authors of a team leader.
6. Server.
7. Game nicks of authors' group - if present.
8. Your e-mail and / or icq.

Flood is strictly forbidden in this topic! You can leave your applications only in this topic!
You can ask questions and flood about this event

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