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13 / 02 / 2012

Version of the game Lineage II - The Chaotic Throne: High Five 5.

Brand new server The Abyss with a significantly refined game mechanics. Updated kernel with more than 10,000 changes. Try it, and you'll love it!

To start the game on our servers you must update the client (4.74 Gb) and install the patch (25 Mb).

Only Euro-off client is supported.
Author ICCup.Yello-Ant

06 / 02 / 2012

Servers merge

Dear fellows!
Time has come for us to cross the bridge and merge x7 with x10.
We had discussion about it some time ago, and here specific details:

X7 server will be merged with the x10 server from 10.02.2012 till 11.02.2012 (at night).

And in order to avoid incidents and surprises we have carried out a trial transfer of characters to the test server. Guys, please, let's test it properly. Everything is transferred as it should, if there are any surprises, something somewhere went wrong? Write about it here!

Logging on test server does not need anything except your will and existing account on the x7 server.

So, what will be transferred?
1. The characters who weren't inactive 6 months back.
2. Characters 50th-level with 2nd profession.
3. When transferring, nick will be forcibly changed to x7-Name. Within your first log on x10,free rename option will appear.

Restrictions of rename:
Standard 3.1 rule - spec. symbols, prefixes GM, ADM.
3.2 The agreement with the nickname of NPC.

4. Sub classes are transferred.
5. The status of a noble.
6. Skills.
7. Book crafter.
8. Tattoos.
9. Quests with finished stages.
10. Points exp and sp - will be transferred without change. But free premium acc will be given to everyone,for 1 week.
11. Fame points - no more than 100k on the character.
12. Olympiad points - won't be transferred.
13. Hero status - won't be transferred.

Transfer of clans:
A. Transferred clans 6th level and above.
2. Clan name will be changed to x7-ClanName. Within your first log on x10,free rename option will appear.
3. CRP - 100 000.
4. Clan skills.
5. Academies and rest of the clan.
6. CWH. In addition to the epic stuff. The entire epic jewelry in CWH will be removed.
7. If the Clan leader is not transferred because of some reason, the clan will be disbanded.
8.. Alliances won't be transferred.

Transfer of items:
1. All the things not mentioned in the categories below will be transferred.
2. Enchanted weapons will be transferred.
3. Terms of the transfer of epic things:

1. Epic are the following things:
Earring of Antharas, Necklace of Valakas, Ring of Baium, Necklace of Frintezza, Blessed Freya Necklace, Freya Necklace, Ring of Queen Ant, Zaken's Earring.

2. If a character has more of the same epic things - only 1 can be transferred.
3. Maximum number of portable epics in the main character is 5.
4. Character must meet the following conditions in order to transfer some epics:
Earring of Antharas, Necklace of Valakas - Main Class - 85,sub classes 80/75/75.
Ring of Baium, Necklace of Frintezza - Main Class - 85, sub classes 80/75/75.
Blessed Necklace of Freya, Necklace of Freya - Main Class 85,sub class 80.
Ring of Queen Ant, Earring of Zaken - Main Class 85, sub class 80.

If you find a discrepancy with what you see on the test server and what is stated above, please report it immediately to the subject. Test server is working now properly.
Author =GM=deepSilent Comments: 38

22 / 01 / 2012

New update!

Dear players!
Technical work has gone well and here is the list of what has been added,changed and refined with the first update of 2012:

• Order of system messages in Reflect damage has been fixed.
• Bonus from SA Haste has been fixed.
• Skill Anti-Summoning Field has been fixed.
• Settlement of raid boss Spirit of Andras has been corrected.
• Now, after exclusion of academy member, of the clan to clan penalty will not be imposed.
Vampiric effect in weapons has been fixed.
Dimensional Spiral skill has been fixed.
• Teleport for Tully WorkShop has been implemented.
• Opening Dynasty Weapon Box has been implemented.
Hannibal, Enmity, Vengeance, Ranku, Heurel, Gegei, Iglas are changed.
• Skill Over the Body has been fixed.
• NPC: Iglas, Gegei, Heurel are implemented.
• Translation in the tower with the teleport Ranku and Demon Prince has been fixed.
• Stats of Ranku - fixed. Now it can heal.
• Raid boss Hannibal and his guards are implemented on Hellbound.
• Casting time 15 seconds is only for low-level summons now.
• Skill Steal Divinity now has a non-fixed time rollback.
• 36 players are necessary to farm Beleth now.
SA of Infinity Stinger and Infinity Cleaver has been fixed.
SA - Critical Slow in Skull Carnium Bow has been fixed.
• Bonuses shirts and some skill charms are fixed.
• Ships can only fly on the Gracia continent now.
• Location of Hellbound has been completely rewritten.
• Pets can be 86 levels now.
• Skills seven signs , and Hero de-buffs can not be removed anymore.
• Dialogs for Viktor Van Deik are added.
• Dialogue in quests DragonFangs and Help The Son has been fixed.
• Maximum number of Songs and Dances for the x3000 is now 14.
• Range of skill Combat Aura has been fixed.
• Corrections in Buffer on x3000 are added.
1st and 2nd profession can be bought for Adena on x10 again.
• Power of skills Raging waves / Gehenna / Cyclone / Volcano has been increased to 300.

And many more changes.We are also about to return farm zone on x3000 and improve buffer.

We hope that all of these changes will bring joy to you personally and pride for your favorite site! Indeed, as we said earlier, our team got better and more active and we hope these updates will be regular.
Author =GM=deepSilent Comments: 1