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10 / 04 / 2012

New server x50!

Dear fellows, we are pleased to announce the excellent news that will cheer everyone up: 20.04.2012 Abyss will open a new x50 server,best for specialists in this rate area.The main difference from other servers is the almost complete absence of donation which is affecting the gameplay. This shabby issue has always been the cornerstone that we had a lot of heated discussion and debate, but here you can completely forget about it.
A properly thought-out rates and the concept will taste the full gaming experience without the hassle. Many players will be able to prove its superiority, find new friends and take part in epic battles. In a word - a lot of fun. All this and more promises are coming in the near future.

Game Version: High Five Part 5

Exp x50
SP x50
Adena x40
Drop x50
Quest Drop x20
Spoil x30
Manor x25.

Features of the server:
- Shop, the system teleport and buffer integrated into the Community board shortcut combination - ALT + B).
- Learning of almost all automatic skills is also available in a special section, which contains a complete list of books for all classes.
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd occupation as well as sub-classes will be available in the "Career" section.
- Minimal donation - only those things that do not have a significant impact on the game balance: Agathion, pets, certain types of transformations (no Anakim), hats (no bonus), the expansion of the warehouse and inventory, colorful nicknames, pet's name change, change of sex your character.
- "Professional" package will be available with the use of "premium character", which allows you to increase rates by 50%.
- Getting the nobles will be available through the quest or as a reward for participation in the Territorial Wars.
- Adena armor, jewelery B / A / S grade and weapons S80 will be available in GM shop.
- Stable and proven core, providing high-quality server function and all of its gaming mechanisms.
- Server time will be identical to Moscow.(GMT+3)

Do not miss your chance - to make history in new world with your own hands!
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25 / 03 / 2012

List of changes in the update of 24 March

Dear players, we are pleased to announce a list of major changes included in the update yesterday.

This list is incomplete and contains only the most significant and most important improvements. So, here is list of few changes:

• Problem with walking to the target after the resurrection has been fixed.
• Pets usage in the Olympiad has been fixed.
• Minor changes to the system messages are added.
• An issue with getting stuck at Valakas has been solved.
• Mass resurrection of a character with a pet has been fixed.
• Monsters in FOG are corrected.
• Now the chances of grinding combat and magical weapons have different meanings.
• Chances are changed when you insert an attribute.
• Amendment of the damage at rechargeable skills has been changed.
• Display of skill cool down, when the animation is turned off through Cfg. has been fixed.
• Resists in SoA are corrected.
• Cool down of skill Dance of Medusa has been fixed, as well as some of the conditions of use.
• Sonic Barrier now consume five charges.
• Awarding from the NPC Rafforty in the English branch of the dialogues has been fixed.
• Award has been fixed atquests: Mutated Kaneus Gludio and Mutated Kaneus Dion.
• Slaves Quarries are now standing only on the fifth stage of Hellbound.
• Follow mode in the water has been fixed.
• Herb usage on summon, has been fixed.
• Soul Rage can take souls from the monsters as well as from NPC now.
• Handling of aggression at bigger distance has been fixed.
• SA Critical Stun has been fully implemented.
• Curse of Gloom can no longer be casted on the non flagged characted.
• TVT has been fixed.
• Spawn point after a teleport in TOI are changed.
• Rignos will give you three keys now,not one.
• Water areas are adjusted around the island of Kamael.
• Hurricane Assault now can be used with fists only.
• The number of crystals during crystallization and at the turn of sharpening now corresponds to the official server.
• Minions to the captain of mercenaries in the forts are added.
• System for setting the priority of drop,for teams in channel, on the raid bosses (except Antharas, Valakas, Baium) has been implemented.
• Charge skill has been fixed.
• Spawn of captains in Antharas Fortress has been fixed.
• Message when you restore the system CP has been added.
• AI minions are corrected.
• New books are added to GM shop and attributes are removed. (x3000 only)
• Bug where player could be red at the end of the duel has been fixed.
• System message when enchanting SA has been fixed.
• Skill Lucky Strike has been fixed.
• Zone of one of the Olympiad stadiums has been fixed.
• Points calculation after re log at the Olympiad has been fixed.
• System message at the end of the recommendations has been fixed.
• Enchant effect of skill Higher Mana Gain has been fixed.
• Removal of skills after leaving the clan has been fixed.
• Resurrection in 3vs3 battle has been fixed.
• Skills Maximum Focus Sonic / Force can be used only with duals/fists now.
• The skill Summon CP Potion now has a dynamic cool down.
• Pet panel disappearance after teleport has been fixed.
• For PDAM skill shots are discharged only if you hit someone.
• A set of buffs at the Olympiad now 100% correspond to the official servers.
• Player will turn to the NPC at the opening dialogue.
• It is not possible to move within a half seconds after the start of communication with the NPC anymore.
• Item Charm of Courage can now be used outside the siege area.
• Changes in the Shadow Bind skill and Voice Bind.
• Changes in skill transforms Grail Apostle.
• Transformation into Zaken skill has been fixed.
• Buff Immunity effect for Day of Doom skill has been added
• Bugs while observing Olympiads are fixed.
• Few immortal NPC are fixed.
• Message has been added after the removal of the Olympiad buffs.
• Order of jewelry equipment has been changed, first lower ring / earring, then the top.
• NPC can be attacked.
• Appearance of two copies of Freya has been fixed.
• Skill Wild Sweep has been fixed.
• Now, the effect disappears when the Zealot does not increase the level of HP above 30% and, accordingly, does not give out the message about it.
• Changes to the algorithm trades: now you can send the invitation to accept and add items at any distance, but only to confirm the nearness.
• Your pet can attack an NPC in a peaceful area now.
• Double messages on Olympiad are fixed.
• Doors are now opened at the Olympiad stadium for 10 seconds before the fight.
• Teleports in ToI: location, point, html, are fixed.
• In a peaceful area you can not use the AoE aura without purpose.
• NPC Lowell has been implemented.
• System messages during a failed pumping SA are corrected.
• Call pets skill has been fixed.
• Appearance chance of a monster in a quest Take Your Best Shot has been fixed.
• Bonus on the skill of Enlightment for the healers has been fixed.
• Critical Healing has been fixed.
• Sort order of participants in the Olympiad has been fixed, depending on the number of points.
• Skill Fake Death can not be used while driving.
• Now items can be taken/ taken off during the attack, or cast without interrupting the auto attacks.
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17 / 02 / 2012


Dear players!
Technical work will be held on server.
Duration: 30-60 minutes approximately.
Author =GM=deepSilent