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30 / 01 / 2008

Corrections of defects

• Buffs of potions (Haste Potion/Alacrity Potion) when dismoumting from strider do not disappear any more.
Geodata at Olympic stadium and on MDT have been corrected.
• Two quests has been corrected: Mimir's Elixir, Fate's Whisper. Problems with disappearance of some quest items should be solved.
• Teleport in Schuttgart have been corrected and added in menu of Nobless teleports.
• Now potions from Primeval Isle work as it should.
• Teleport from Rift of Dimension to the Catacomb of the Heretic have been corrected.
Freightman Murdoc have been corrected. Now his Freight works as it should.
• Names of Necropolises at Priest of Dawn in Gludio has been corrected.
Summon Friend/Gate Chant now cannot be used on the Olympic Games.
Mass Surrender to Fire/Mass Surrender to Wind/Mass Surrender to Water now do not land on summon, so it is working as it should.
• Buff time duration of Victories of Paagrio on x300 server have been increased from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

25 / 01 / 2008

Interlude drop

Interlude drop was implemented in next locations: Primeval Isle, Pagan's Temple, Monastery of Silence, Forge of the Gods, Imperial Tomb, Silent Valley, Hot Springs, Blazing Swamp, Shrine of Loyal, Ketra Orc Outpost, Varks Silenos Outpost, Stakato Nest

Various SA have been added in new types of weapons. Corresponds to an official game server.

19 / 01 / 2008

Small update

• Now Horror will affect summons and players.
Summon damage in pvp have been reduced.
Geodata at Olympic stadium have been corrected (now it is impossible to run over a side).
• Critical chance have been corrected: Double Sonic Slash, Double Shot, Backstab, Triple Sonic Slash, Lethal Shot, Lethal Blow, Sonic Rage, Force Rage, Hamstring Shot.
Double Shot - re-use time is corrected.
Force Buster, Force Storm - now work only with Dual Fist.
• Duration of all kinds of Slow and Silence has been corrected.
Tribunal, Judgement - character will attack after use of following skills. Re-use time have been corrected.
Mana Burn, Mana Storm - burn MP in %.
• All kinds of Anchor (including cubics and monsters) - has been corrected.
Mystic Immunity - it is possible to use only in party.
• Rb Queen Ant now does not move.
• "In the Forgotten Village" quest has been corrected - now the correct amount of experience is given for a quest.
Mental Shield on x300 server - duration have been corrected, reagents drop for a sub-class "Supplier of Reagants" quest have been corrected.

18 / 01 / 2008

New "x10 Beta" server

Predictably, we have constrained the promise. The new server has been started on time, in 15 minutes after start online in 1500 persons has been reached. The first 1000 players who have created characters, have received gifts - No Grade sets. Server rates exp x10/sp x10/adena x10/drop x7/spoil x3. Pay attention that adena rates are equal х10 while on already existing server they are х20. For players of new server the special section at a forum is made. We are glad to welcome all players of a new server!

The system of donations on a new server is started. Improvements for accessories can be received ingame as well.

There was an update to the client. Request to all to use autoupdater or to download a small patch (1.15 Mb) from our site. Archive contents should be copied in a game folder.

13 / 01 / 2008

Technical works on x7 server. Approximate end time - monday, second half of day.
Author Masamune

12 / 01 / 2008

Client update

There was a client update. Request to all, to use autoupdater or to download small patch (1.15 Mb) from our site. Archive contents should be copied in game folder.
Author Masamune

10 / 01 / 2008

Late Christmas gift

Quest on PK counter washing is corrected.
Range Golem , Siege Swoop Cannon - resists are added.
Sonic Buster, Sonic Storm - Energy Stone are required for use.
• New summons skills are corrected: Slash, Spin Slash, Hold of King, Whiplash, Tidal Wave, Force Curse, Dicing Death, Corpse Kaboom.
• Cruise liner on a tourist route Rune Township - Primeval Island is started. It is a unique way to get on island and to get out from it.
• Now it will be impossible to kill NPC on Primeval Island. The quest "Defeat the Elrokian Raiders" is added (we ask you to inform us, if you find errors in it).
• Power of skills is increased: Power Strike, Power Shot, Stunning Shot, Stun Attack, Iron Punch, Stunning Fist, Sting, Wild Sweep, Power Smash, Triple Slash, Double Shot, Burst Shot, Spinning Slash, Thunder Storm, Punch of Doom, Poison Blade Dance, Sword Symphony, Fatal Strike, Hammer Crash, Burning Fist, Soul Breaker, Crush of Doom, Strider Siege Assault, Lethal Shot, Sonic Rage, Force Rage, Earthquake, Spoil Crush, Hamstring Shot, Shock Blight, Armor Crush, Evade Shot, Tribunal, Judgment, Psycho Symphony, Demon Blade Dance, Double Sonic Slash, Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm, Sonic Buster, Triple Sonic Slash. Now they cause the same damage as well as on an official server with SS.
• Many corrections is made with following skills: Flames of Incinvibility, Totem Spirit Hawk, Totem Spirit Bison, Mental Aegis, Paagrios Fist, Paagrios Emblem, Chant of Magnus, Bless of Darkness/Bless of Water/Bless of Wind/Bless of Earth/Sanscity, Residental Shock Immunity, Aura Flash.
• In Beast Farm, Forest of the Dead, Lair of Antaras, Tower of Insolence, Valley of Saints, Wall of Argos locations Interlude drop is added.

One more perfect news: on January, 14th, a new server will be started . As soon as hours will puch 12 o'clock AM, the new world will begin the existence! Server rates: exp x10/sp x10/adena x10/drop x7/spoil x3. Pay attention that rates on adena are equal х10 while on already existing server they are х20.

Please, support your server, by voiting in ratings:

L2top: Rating-catalog of Lineage2 servers

06 / 01 / 2008

Changes, Pagan Temple

• Numerous corrections of glitches of new clan system.
• Problems with skill enchants on level 78 and above are eliminated.
Academy name in the status is highlighted now by yellow colour. Corresponds to an official game server.
• In Dion and Aden castle towns by analogy to Giran castle town zones where trade is forbidden are entered.
• Now new skills (on 80th level) are accessible to all professions for studying.
Mass Recharge is corrected. Now it lands on Party, instead of Clan. Corresponds to an official game server.
• New skill Symbol of Honor is added.
• Monsters in Pagan Temple are altered. Gate Keeper and doors in Pagan Temple are added.

We are glad to inform you that we open one more server soon. Rates will be x10-x15 (Exact rates will be known more close to opening). Interlude clan system, the expanded donations service, many other things will be available.

03 / 01 / 2008

Clan system

Project The Abyss continues to develop and today we give you the first gifts of 2008 year:

• Error with Strider summon is corrected. Now it will not appear behind gates (or behind a door). When summoning strider will appear there where his owner is placed.
Gate Chant since this moment works correctly.
• New Raid Bosses - Plague Golem / Queen Shyeed / Flamestone Giant are added.

Interlude clans system:
• Possibility of increase of a level of a clan to 8 inclusive.
• Possibility to learn clan skills.
• "The Clan's Prestige" and "A Clan's Reputation" quests are added, allowing to receive CRP for raid-bosses farm.
• Victories and defeats in sieges now influence on CRP quantity available for a clan.
• Now CRP cannot be farmed on arena. Clans up to level 5 cannot receive or lose CRP.
• Possibility to set all 5 levels of privileges is added and common subclans levels.
Penalties on a join-leave from a clan are equal now to one day.
Academies are operational. Difference from an official server: academicians can see wars icons over enemy characters.
• When the academician receives the second profession, clan is charged for 350 CRP.
• Fix of Clan-Dismiss privilege.

We congratulate you on coming Christmas!

01 / 01 / 2008

Happy New Year!

Shard's Administration wishes you luck in New 2008 Year.